Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The hubs and I are having dinner with a choir friend and her husband this Sunday, and we (I) have been asked to bring dessert!  Joy of joys, the seed from which my eventual love of all things culinary first sprouted, dessert!  But what to make??  I have my standby awesome chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream... it's a blend of Ina Garten's "Beatty's Chocolate Cake" (the cake, not her frosting!) and the chocolate cake I used to make at the Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia, all with a delicious milk chocolately chocolate buttercream that lives up to its name in its ingredients:  Chocolate, Butter, and Cream.  Hey now, I've never said I make it easy to lose weight in my house...

But there are so many other good things to make!  If pears were more in season, and if we were a bit more into fall, there would be the pear apple and cranberry crisp... My cookies are usually well-received... I could do cupcakes, pies, tarts, heck, even ice cream!  What should I do??  (Ha, this is a test to see if anybody actually reads this ;)). 

So I ask you this:  If we were having a grilled dinner on a late summer evening, what would you want for dessert?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on the kitten and a recipe!

So, I'm happy to say that Olive, the kitten, is back to her usual self...  squeaky and nippy, ready to wolf down food, playing with her toys and the cat tree, and trying to eat whatever it is that I'm eating... I could still do without the 4am foot attacks as I sleep, but N assures me they will stop.

Last night I had a bit of a smitten kitchen fest... I made the following recipes:

Eggplant salad (no toasts)


Scalloped Tomatoes with Croutons

Click through for her pictures and the recipes because both are amazing!

A few notes:  I added capers and prosciutto to the eggplant salad and we tasted it on little cubes of bread.  Salty but delicious!  Also, I didn't measure the cheese.  Seriously, who measures out cheese??

We only had 9 ounces of tomatoes for the second recipe, so I tried to pare it back a bit (again, not measuring.  I am my mother's child.)... it ended up a bit short on tomatoes throughout, but where there were tomatoes, there was deliciousness.  Where there weren't tomatoes there was also deliciousness because there was toasty garlicky olive oiled bread with cheese on it.  Hello, yum.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sick Kitty :(

Olive, our littlest, is taking an emergency trip to the vet today.  She's been off the past couple of days, and last night into this morning was really pretty lethargic and not interested in eating her food.  Well, she'd start squeaking when we approached the food drawer, but anything we'd put in front of her (the same as what she's been eating since we've had her) just didn't seem to interest her... We know she's hungry; she just won't eat.

We're afraid it might be because of a plant we had in the house that may be toxic to cats.  We got the plants at Home Depot, and I'm considering writing to their corporate offices to ask that they have their plant suppliers indicate whether or not the plants they sell are safe for certain animals.  I know that it requires a certain amount of vigilance on the pet owner's behalf, but a little extra help certainly wouldn't hurt, and to me, it would definitely be worth not seeing your pet so sad and unhealthy.

Anywho, here she is, in all of her windowsill-loving glory: Olive.

And, in case you haven't seen it yet, here she is when we brought her home.

And, because it still makes me giggle, here she is getting her first bath.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a blog?

Oh, that's right... hi!  Yes, I have been remiss in my blogging, as I often am whenever I try to take on a project like this.  I hope for that to stop though, and in order to do so, I will make my goals less lofty.  I will still post recipes and food-related ramblings, but they may be more brief.  I will also try to just make this more about whatever is going on in our lives... (A big part of which is why I haven't been writing - we haven't had lives!)

So, with all that being said, a little update on what's been happening over the past 7 months or so...

We've been working.  A lot.  The Hubs took a new position with his company back in April (or around there anyway), and went from working 14-hour days wherein 5 of them were commuting back and forth from home to work, to working 14-hour days driving a box truck, doing lots of lifting and bending and stacking of things, and not having weekends.  His new position mandates a M,T, Th, F, Sat. schedule, and so, weekend road trips are a thing of our past (and our future!)...  I've recently taken on a second fun job, which will only require one evening and one weekend shift per week once we open, but for the last two weeks or so, I've been working my regular job, driving 40 minutes to the fun job, working for 2-5 hours, and then driving home.  It's probably kind of dumb of me to do that, since that leaves me even less time to get things done at home, but it's a fun second job, and I know of several people who will be happy because of the things I can buy there :)

We've also sold the condo!  Yay for being able to actually live like we have two incomes now! :)

Onto food-related topics, we're both trying to be better about what we eat, for health's sake, for our waistlines' sake, and for the earth's sake.  We have a small garden in the back where we're trying to grow herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and brussels sprouts.  I just heard a piece on NPR this morning about "Meatless Monday", and I think I'm going to try that next week!  I've often said that I could be a vegetarian if not for bacon, and honestly, if an animal is going to give up its life for me to eat it, I want to treat it with as much respect as possible.  To me, that means purchasing sustainably/ethically raised and slaughtered meat.  Since that meat is more expensive, we'll probably be eating less meat in the near future, which really is fine.  I <3 quinoa, and The Hubs is an adventurous eater, so we should be okay.  :)