Friday, October 8, 2010

Dessert results, two months later! Month and a half? :-D

So, I should never brag.  Ever.  I was so excited to make some delicious, home-made cake for dinner with our choir friends (um, months ago.  Sorry.) that I should have KNOWN it would all go awry. 

Attempt #1: The carrot cake:
Delicious recipe, and I've made it before.  Unfortunately, the tester was deceptive, and I came out with a medium-rare cake.  Sure, it was delicious, but it sure wasn't anything I'd serve anybody else!

Attempt #2:  My no-fail, amazing, people apparently dream about it chocolate cake (here I go again).
Where to begin??!  I forgot the sugar, which I realized about 20 minutes into baking.  Attempting to stir it in to my half-baked cake did NOT go over well.  After that, I baked for the prescribed amount of time, only to once again have an under-done cake.  I think I'd rate this one at medium.  This has prompted the hubs and I to consider an(other) in-oven thermometer, just to make sure the thermostat is functioning properly.  I digress.

Attempt #3:  The grocery store had a sale on pound cake and strawberries:  Buy one, get the other free.  Sold.  We now have dessert.

Now, I did go ahead and bring the chocolate buttercream, just melted a bit in order to make it into more of a sauce.  I also made some fresh whipped cream, so that, fresh strawberries, fresh peaches, chocolate sauce, and a store-bought poundcake made for some delicious dessert.