Monday, August 16, 2010

Sick Kitty :(

Olive, our littlest, is taking an emergency trip to the vet today.  She's been off the past couple of days, and last night into this morning was really pretty lethargic and not interested in eating her food.  Well, she'd start squeaking when we approached the food drawer, but anything we'd put in front of her (the same as what she's been eating since we've had her) just didn't seem to interest her... We know she's hungry; she just won't eat.

We're afraid it might be because of a plant we had in the house that may be toxic to cats.  We got the plants at Home Depot, and I'm considering writing to their corporate offices to ask that they have their plant suppliers indicate whether or not the plants they sell are safe for certain animals.  I know that it requires a certain amount of vigilance on the pet owner's behalf, but a little extra help certainly wouldn't hurt, and to me, it would definitely be worth not seeing your pet so sad and unhealthy.

Anywho, here she is, in all of her windowsill-loving glory: Olive.

And, in case you haven't seen it yet, here she is when we brought her home.

And, because it still makes me giggle, here she is getting her first bath.

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