Monday, January 18, 2010

Appetizer idea

Okay, I know, I promised pictures, but I'm still writing this from work.  In fact, I just hit "publish" on my last post, and decided to put this down into writing before I forgot.

My brother's banh mi recipe was a huge hit.  Banh mi ... but it got me thinking about entertaining.  These little meatballs would surely be a hit at a party, but since they're not in any kind of sauce, serving them from a crock pot wouldn't work, and who wants to pick up a whole huge hoagie at a party?  Okay, maybe lots of people, but I don't want to make a ton of hoagies for a party, so I decided to just break it down. 

Where I live, we are fortunate enough to have an amazing little bread shop, Bakers on Broad.  I got the baguettes for last week's banh mi (in sandwich form) there (15 minutes before closing!  I bought their last 2 because, well, they know how to make bread!).  Deconstructed, the banh mi could easily make a bruschetta-type appetizer...  instead of using the bread to hold a sandwich, what if I would slice it into rounds, top with a little bit of the hot mayo, then a meatball (perhaps slightly flattened, to make biting into it easier), and then topped off with the carrot/daikon pickle??  (If I didn't before, I should mention that I used the cilantro directly in the sriracha mayo). 

Sounds good enough to me... consider them on the menu for the next time we have company!  Well, expected company, that is.  I don't think I'm whipping these up out of the blue should anyone just decide to stop by :) 

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