Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, here goes nothing!

Yes, I am jumping on the blog bandwagon.  My inspirations were many: blogs I have read, my husband's encouragement, my brother's food blog...   I'm sometimes known for being excessively wordy, so maybe this outlet will spare those who have to listen to my voicemails and directions, or read my e-mails.

I love food.  Love it.  My background is in biology, but if I could do anything, I'd own/run a bakery.  Maybe that will happen someday, maybe not.  In the meantime, I will cook and bake whenever I can.  My husband loves it (for every cooking-related wedding gift, I thanked the giver of the gift in anticipation of the joy I would have in using it and the joy the hubs, as he will be known from here on out, in eating whatever I cooked using them), I love the process of cooking, and we both love eating.

I will try to post recipes, photos, inspirations, any info on our life as newly weds that might be fun (so maybe it's more of a lifestyle blog than a food blog?  Who knows...).  We have moved into a 1920's row home that I purchased as a singleton, and already, the hubs's touch has proved invaluable in making this our home.

We have lots of projects to complete, lots of meals to cook, and lots of road trips to go on.  Who's up for a little adventure?!


Christine said...

Yay! One more blog to stalk while I'm bored at work!

ilovecakes said...

yay! I know the feeling! ;)